Safety Alert 10
CC11-160 / CC11-100 With Digital Oil Guage

Safety Alert 10

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SA0010  Rev. NC  Effective January 28, 2015

Oil Pressure Line Replacement

Models Affected: CC11-100 and CC11-160

S/N: 00001 through 00280


Previously Service Bulletin 25. If you have already complied with SB00025 you do not need to perform this safety alert.


This kit contains all parts needed to perform SA0010. CubCrafters Inc. considers compliance with this safety alert mandatory for all affected aircraft. This kit replaces the solid oil pressure line with a stainless steel flexible line.


***** There are 3 different variations of this kit. *****

***** Please select the correct version for your aircraft *****


-001 For CC11-160 / CC11-100 with Digital Oil Gauge

-003 For CC11-160 with Analog Oil Gauge

-005 For CC11-100 with Analog Oil Gauge              

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