3X3 STC'd PA-18 Extended Landing Gear Set for PA-18 series aircraft
3X3 STC'd PA-18 Extended Landing Gear Set for PA-18 series aircraft

3X3 STC'd PA-18 Extended Landing Gear Set for PA-18 series aircraft

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This new design moves the axles three inches forward and adds three inches of height versus stock gear. The overall strength of the gear system has been greatly increased. The gusseted axles are machined from solid 4130 steel, and welded to larger diameter thicker walled main tubes extending from the fuselage attach points. The new cabane vee is also made of stronger material and angled forward to accommodate the new axle placement. With this arrangement, the angle-of-attack is improved and weight is transferred further aft of the main wheels. This redistribution of weight, along with added strength, is what makes more aggressive braking possible.  (NOTE:  This is only for standard width PA-18 fuselages; will not fit a 4" wider body fuselage.)

The heavy-duty 3X3 gear increases prop clearance and takeoff performance while allowing pilots to brake harder and therefore land in a shorter distance. Ground handling is also improved, as the aircraft more readily settles into a 3-point stance and remains there on roll out. These gear are top notch for those Fly-ins and take off and landing contests!

Product Features
Extends the wheels 3 inches forward
3 inches taller than stock gear
Increased angle-of-attack for better takeoff performance
Improved braking performance
Machined 4130 heavy-duty axles
Approved for all PA-18 standard width Super Cubs

Kit includes
Two 3X3 extended gear legs with welded on refueling steps
One 3X3 Cabane Vee (you can not use the standard cabane vee)
Two lower shock struts
STC and installation instructions

NOTE:  If you want to purchase new copper brake lines please add P/N 101414-01 to your order.

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