Plane Booster Wing Tip Set
Plane Booster Wing Tip Set

Plane Booster Wing Tip Set

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Part Number:102400-001-K

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This kit includes everything you need from the (2) dropped wing tips and the new ribs to square off your wings and replace the existing round wing tips. 

  The kit will take about 16-24 man hours to install.  This kit is approved on STC #SA460SW for the following aircraft:  PA-11, PA-12, PA-14, PA-15, PA-16, PA-17, PA-18, -18A, -18S, -18 “105”, -18S “105”, -18 “125”, -18S “125”, -18AS “125”, -18 “135”, -18S “135”, -18AS “135”, -18 “150”, -18A “150”, -18S “150”, -18AS “150”, -19, -19S, PA-25, PA-25-235.

Your kit will come complete with the following parts:

(2) ea 102407-00 Extension, front Spar Plate

(2) ea 102408-00 Extension, Rear Spar Plate

(1) ea 102410-00 Booster wing tip, LH, Only

(1) ea 102410-01 Booster wing tip, RH Only

(1) ea 102412-00 Nav Light Spacer, LH Booster tip

(1) ea 102412-01 Nav Light Spacer, RH Booster Tip

(1) ea 102413-00L Rib, aluminum LH

(1) ea 102413-00R Rib, aluminum RH

(1) ea 102416-01 Tip Angle (Left Front)

(1) ea 102416-03 Tip Angle (Left Rear)

(1) ea 102416-04 Tip Angle (Right Rear)

(2) ea 102419-00 Trailing Edge

(1) ea 102416-02 Tip Angle (Right Front)

(1) ea 14389-72 Skin, 72 inch leading edge blank

(4) ea 1200-02 Rib, Wing Nose (12662-02)

(1) ea 1206-00 Rib Assembly, No. 15 LH

(1) ea 1206-01 Rib Assembly, No. 15 RH

(1) ea 102400 Hardware Kit, Plane Booster Wingtips

(1) ea SA460SW Booster Wing Tip, STC Only

(1) ea 102400II Booster Wing Tip Installation Instruction Pkg Only

*******Note:  Let us know if you have or plan to install extended ailerons as additional parts may be necessary.  Aileron tip will not line up with wing tip in original configuration aileron.*******


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