Modified Fuel System For PA-18 and PA-12
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Modified Fuel System For PA-18 and PA-12

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Modified fuel system for the PA-18 and PA-12:  Remove your header tanks and add a Right, Left, Both and OFF position to the fuel selector with this Cessna-type style system. The kit is sent to you with vented fuel caps, hardware, tubing etc. (see list below), the STC and a Flight Manual Supplement.  You do not get a new fuel valve in the kit as the STC has instructions on how to modify your existing valve to meet our STC.  The yearly AD note will still apply to your original valve, or if you prefer, you may purchase a new fuel valve (101750-01) and eliminate the AD notice.  (It is the installers' responsibility to ensure that this STC is compatible with other modifications that may have been installed on the aircraft.  Cub Crafters has determined that this STC is compatible with Dakota Cub STC #SA02171AK.)    

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are purchasing this kit for your PA-12 there are additional parts that will be required that are not included in the original kit.  See note below for PA-12 owners. 

The Kit P/N 103700-001-K includes the following items:  

Fuel Selector Placard, 17.2 gallon, white (alternate tank sizes available)
Fuel Selector Stop Bushing
2 Fuel Cap Assemblies, Vented CC Modified Fuel System
Outlet Bushing for Fuel Tank
Fuel Finger Strainer for Modified Fuel System
Piper Fuel Gauge Bushing
Piper Fuel Line Tee
Hose Clamp, Stainless Steel, .25 dia.
3/8" Fuel Line Clamp (Wide)
5052-0 Aluminum Tubing, .25 x .035 W (AMS 4069 or 4070)
5052-0 Aluminum Tubing .035 X .375 (AMS 4069 or 4070)
M6000-A-XXXXX Hose (.25 in I.D.)
M6000-C-XXXXX Hose (.375 in I.D.)
Modified Fuel System Hardware Kit

STC SA00415SE, Flight Manual Supplement and instructions.


(NOTE:  The kit does not include a fuel handle, the backing plate or a fuel valve.  You may use your existing handle and valve (PA-18 only) and modify your existing valve through the instructions within the STC but the AD note on the valve will have to be complied with each year (or install the new valve and eliminate the AD inspection.)

ADDITIONAL NOTE FOR PA-12 OWNERS:  The PA-12 is required to replace the fuel valve P/N 101750-01 (you will not be able to modify the existing valve).  You will also need one additional finger strainer P/N TC7011-001 than what comes in the initial kit as well as a weld-on bracket P/N 101760-01 that is not included in the kit.  If you have a PA-12 be sure to add these extra items to your list.  (These parts are over and above the price of the initial Modified Fuel Kit.)




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