McCauley "Borer" Propeller STC only
"Borer" Prop STC

McCauley "Borer" Propeller STC only

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The purpose of this STC is to allow the installation of a fixed pitch McCauley "Borer" 82-inch metal propeller using 3/8 inch diameter propeller bolts on the PA-18 and PA-19 series aircraft which are equipped with a Lycoming O-320 Series Engine of 150 or 160 horsepower. ia original type design, or by means of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) or FAA Field Approval. McCauley 1A175-GM8241, GM8242, GM8243, or GM8244.

For proper propeller to ground clearance the aircraft must be equipped with an approved combination of wheels and tires that provides a minimum clearance between the ground and the center of the axle of 9-3/8 inches, or having extended landing gear per Cub Crafters' STC SA00411SE installed. 

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