Headerless Fuel System. STC Only
Modified Fuel STC Only

Headerless Fuel System. STC Only

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Modified fuel system for the PA-18 and PA-12:  Remove your header tanks and add a Right, Left, Both and Off position to the fuel selector with this Cessna-type style system. The kit is complete with vented fuel caps, hardware, tubing etc. (see list below), the STC and a Flight Manual Supplement.  We've updated our STC so that a variety of tank sizes may be used (i.e. Dakota Cub & F. Atlee Dodge).

By purchasing the stand-alone STC #SA00415SE you do not get parts, but you do receive the STC, Flight Manual Supplement and instructions with drawings.  (Kit with parts and STC may be purchased under P/N  103700-001-K

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