Comant C12580-200 Antenna
Comant C12580-200 Antenna

Comant C12580-200 Antenna

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Comant’s newest ComDat VHF/GPS antenna designed specifically to meet the GPS WAAS Gamma 3 specifications required by the Garmin G1000 system. Our patented technology provides 80 dB of VHF harmonic suppression allowing Comant to offer VHF and GPS in one radome without in-line filters. Tested and passed demanding direct effects lightning environmental testing. Gamma 3 WAAS allows for primary navigation using GPS for all phases of flight including precision LPV approaches. Not intended for portable GPS receiver.

Frequency 118-137 MHz 
VSWR 2.5:1Maximum
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Pattern Omni Directional
Impedence 50 Ohms 
Power Rating 50 Watts

GPS Preamplifier
Specs Frequency 1575.42 +/-3 MHz
VSWR 1.5:1 Max. Polarization RHCP 
Radiation Pattern Hemispherical 
Impedance 50 Ohms
Gain 26.5 - 30.1 dB
DC Voltage 4 - 24 Vdc
DC Curr. Min/Max 40mA Typical - 60mA Maximum
Noise 2.5 dB Max

Mechanical / Environmental
Weight 0.6 lb Maximum
RTCA Env. / TSO DO-160D / C169(Class C,D,E,3,4,5,6) C144
Connectors VHF - BNC / GPS - TNC

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