180HP Conversion Kit
180HP Conversion

180HP Conversion Kit

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When installed, our 180HP engine/conversion kit is within 1 pound of the stock 150 installation. The engines themselves are 17 Lbs heavier, but we save 10 Lbs with the lightweight starter and 8 with the oil cooler. The props are the only variable, and if you stay with the Sensenich prop you will end up 1 pound lighter than the stock Piper installation, with the McCauley you will be 5 Lbs heavier.

We also spec the engines with Slick mags, and a new primer system. The air box, oil cooler and all oil lines and parts you need for the installation comes with the kit. You get a completely new cowl that actually fits! We've been building 180 Cubs now for over 35 years and all the little bugs are pretty much worked out of the installation. Weight is really not a concern with our installation. The 180 will do everything a 160 does and more, including as good fuel consumption. Any Cub's fuel consumption depends on the speed it is being run at. If a 105 and a 180 Cub are flying wing tip to wing tip at the same speed, they use the same amount of fuel at that speed. The 180 gives you more options as far as climb, distance off the ground, and angle of climb...especially with a load.

  If you would be interested in a factory new, outright priced engines we have them either in stock or very little lead time. We can even drop ship it straight from the factory to you thus saving you some in freight charges. If they are not in stock normal lead time is about 60-90 days lead time. The engines can even pickle it if you were not going to install it right away. (Charge would apply for pickling engine.)

Our 180HP Conversion Kit includes:

Aluminum Oil Cooler with lines, fittings, and fire sleeve,

2-pc fiberglass Split Cowl (aluminum doors and lower scoop), 1/4 turn latches

Fuel System Components (pressure vented caps, fittings, and placards) removes header tanks to add a “both” position on your existing fuel selector

Carburetor Air Box (round filter)

STC for 180HP engine installation on the airframe and installation instructions. (The cub will need to be approved for a minimum of 1750 gross weight increase before our system can be installed).

 All FAA approved data and several miscellaneous small parts are included. Baffle Modification Kit (parts and templates to modify existing baffles or you can buy all new ones)

Exhaust System Components (joints and extensions to modify the existing exhaust system or buy an all new system. (Does not include prop, new baffle, starter, new exhaust etc.

OTHER OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Conical Mounts are an easy mount to work around, weighs less than a Dynafocal and in our opinion, does not shake as much. If you currently have the conical mount on your cub and you probably do, you won’t have to replace it as the 150/160HP engines typically used the very same engine mount. That will save a few dollars.

  PROPS 1) McCauley "Climb" prop 1A200/FA82 prop is a great prop but if you go with this prop it is necessary to either have the extended gear (3" or 6") or a minimum of 8:50 tires to insure proper propeller clearance.

  2) The Sensenich propeller (76EM8-0-56 pitch)is usable with the 8:00 tires or larger.

VP5100-001: 180HP Lightweight Starter, 149HT New Hi Flow exhaust stacks are available or you may use your existing stacks.  Our conversion kit comes with the modification pieces required if you choose to use the existing exhaust system.

New O-360 baffles are available or you can modify your baffles with the parts that come in our conversion kit.

Should you decide you want/need to replace your gear, our 3" extended landing gear set comes with weld-on refueling steps and the lower shock struts as well as the tab for the 2000-lb gross weight increase (doesn’t give you the actually GWI, but preps the gear for that mod). (completes both sides of your Cub and are powder coated white.)

You don’t normally need to replace the cabane vee as you use the same cabane vee with standard gear or extended gear.

You might also be interested in our 3x3 gear. The new design moves the wheels three inches forward and adds three inches of height versus stock gear. The overall strength of the gear system has been greatly increased. The gusseted axles are machined from solid 4130 steel, and welded to larger diameter thicker walled main tubes extending from the fuselage attach points. The new cabane vee is also made of stronger material and angled forward to accommodate the new axle placement. With this arrangement, the angle-of-attack is improved and weight is transferred further aft of the main wheels. This redistribution of weight, along with added strength, is what makes more aggressive braking possible. The heavy-duty 3X3 gear increases prop clearance and takeoff performance while allowing pilots to brake harder and therefore land in a shorter distance. Ground handling is also improved, as the aircraft more readily settles into a 3-point stance and remains there on roll out.

New Fuel Valves are available and allow a “Both” position. A great valve for the money. Or with our STC there are instruction on how to modify your existing fuel valve if you would prefer however, the reoccurring AD will still apply at your yearly Annual Inspection. You may use your existing fuel valve handle, screw and plate or purchase new ones.

The 180HP conversion will increase the valve of your cub should you decide to sell it down the road. If you are not in the position of doing the conversion yourself, we may have an opening in our Cub Crafters Services shop to accomplish the conversion for you. It typically takes our shop about 100 hours to complete a 180HP conversion. Give Stan or Vera a call at 509-248-1025.

SPECIAL PURCHASE PRICE:  Your purchase price for a factory new engine is substantially less than our competitors when you purchase a factory new engine along with our STC #SA92NW 180HP Conversion kit.  

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