Sport /Carbon Cub Misc Hardware & Screw  Kit

Sport /Carbon Cub Misc Hardware & Screw Kit

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Part Number:SC-HDW-K
All the little screws and washers you need to keep you Carbon Cub or Sport Cub it top shape.

Kit Includes: 
qty. 25 HDW-S4R.25TA Sheet Metal Screw, #4 Thread, .25 Length, Stainless Steel
qty. 10 AN530-4R4 Screw, 4x1/4 Steel
qty. 10 HDW-S6R.375TA  Sheet Metal Screw #6 Thread, .375" Stainless Steel
qty. 10 AN526C1032R8 Truss Head Screw, 10-32x1/2 Stainless Steel
qty. 10 AN526C1032R7 Truss Head Screw, 10-32x7/16 Stainless Steel
qty. 10 AN526C1032R9 Truss Head Screw, 10-32x9/16 Stainless Steel
qty. 25 HDW-A3236-012-93 Washer, Counter Sunk 
qty. 25 AN507C632R6 Screw, 6-32x3/8 Counter Sunk 

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