EX Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)

EX Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)

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Pilot Operating Handbook for all EX models.
To order, you MUST include the following information.
Please copy and paste the following information into the Comments section or use the PDF link. Fill in information completely and thoroughly and make your proper selections;

If using the link, please download and fill out. Attach form to order or email to Parts@cubcrafters.com and reference your order number. 

Name on registration:

N Number: 

Serial Number: CCX-

Model (select one):   EX      EX2       EX3

Certification Date:

Weights (please fill in):   RT Main-               L Main-             Tail-

Landing Gear Type:         Standard                3x3 

Panel Type (select one):       G3X        WVFR       Custom 

Engine (select one):    CC340        CC363i       Custom

Customer Name:

Please fill out this form completely including required weights and make your proper selections. Please include a valid email address as well as phone number if we need to contact you.

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