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180 HP Engine Conversion Kit for PA-18

Part Number 101001-K
180 HP Engine Conversion Kit for PA-18
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180HP Engine Installation

STC’d for all Super Cubs PA18-95 through PA18-150

Cub Crafters Services has been installing 180
engines in Super Cubs since 1984. Over the
years we have developed what we consider to be
the ideal configuration and installation package
for a Piper Super Cub.
Experience has shown us where cowling fails,
where oil coolers don’t, and how too much weight up front
ruins the Super Cub’s short field landing
qualities. You want horsepower. Not cracked cowling.
Not vibration problems. Not needles on the red line.
You want power. Smooth, quiet, raw, horsepower!

The 180 Engine provides unbelievable take off and
climb performance. The rate of climb is increased by
approximately 50% to 1500 fpm. Takeoffs are short
and brisk. Acceleration with a full load is noticeably
improved. Acceleration with a minimal load is nothing
short of neck snapping!

A 180 on floats literally “jumps” out of the water. Just
picture a Super Cub on glassy smooth water, airborne in
as little as five seconds! That’s performance!

  • Engine

Any Lycoming O-360 “A” or “C” series
engine can be equipped to work on your Super Cub. The
engine must have an MA45 Carburetor, Slick or small
Bendix magnetos, and no fuel pump or propeller
governor drive. A “C” series engine can reuse the 150
conical engine mount. An “A” series engine will need a
dynafocal engine mount.

  • Cowl

A new fiberglass split cowl is included in the kit, replacing the
entire original cowling. It is made with 5 plies of fiberglass cloth
producing a strong and good looking cowl that fits the 180 engine

  • Baffles

The original baffles can be modified from the 150. If you
prefer a complete new set can be provided, ready to bolt on.

  • Exhaust

Again, you can either modify your existing stacks or you can
purchase all new stacks. The stacks incorporate slip joints to relieve
the pressure of heating and cooling, allowing the stacks to expand and
contract. They last longer!

  • Fuel System

The header tanks are removed in favor
of a safer and more reliable system. The fuel selector
is modified to allow a “both” position for takeoff and

  • Oil Cooler

The new aluminum oil cooler is relocated
to the left rear baffle. This improves performance by
saving eight pounds as well as providing better oil

  • Starter

There are two different starters approved for
use with our STC. Both provide a weight savings of ten pounds and produce more torque
than the original starter.

  • Carburetor Airbox

An all new carburetor airbox is
installed to accommodate the larger MA4-5 carburetor.
This assures a properly working carburetor heat control
that is ready to bolt on.

  • Propeller

To suit your needs, both the 76” Sensenich
cruise prop and the 82” McCauley climb prop are
approved with our STC.

  • Landing Gear

An extended (3”) landing gear is
approved as an option that allows a greater angle of
attack as well as better clearance for the 82” McCauley
climb prop.

List of parts included:

Complete hardware Kit for 180 Conversion

Carburetor Air box

180HP Oil Cooler Conversion

Modified Fuel System Kit with white or black placards

Mixture Cable Bracket

Throttle link bracket

Cable Clamp Bracket

Forward Cowling Assembly

Split Cowl Attach Kit

180HP Engine Baffle Modification Kit

180HP Exhaust Mod Extension Kit

180HP Conversion STC Paperwork and detailed instructions

Unmatched CubCrafters service and support!


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